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Absinthe Essences

Absinthe essences are shipped in 20 ml bottles.

All our Absinthe is Real Absinthe with 35mg thujone in 750ml Absinthe liquor (55mg in Absinthe 55). This is the same prestige absinthe essence that we supply to the absinthe industry from our website distillery-yeast.com. You will enjoy a real absinthe also known as "absint, absinth, absynthe and absenth" drink with absinthe green fairy thujone.

How to make absinth: Each Absinthe essence bottle makes one 750ml bottle (25 fl. oz UK fl. Oz 26.4) of Absinthe alcohol.

Absinthe recipe: mix the content of the Absinthe essence bottle (20ml, 0.68 fl.oz., UK fl. oz 0.7) with 730ml of a neutral alcohol such as vodka or Everclear (40-70% by volume/80-140 proof) to make 750ml (25 fl. oz UK fl. oz 26.4) Absinthe liquor. Experience Absinthe history in a bottle.

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