Absinthe Classics Essence 20 ml


There are many legends about Absinthe, the wormwood and aniseed flavored favorite drink of the artistic set in Paris, France in the 1800s.
This is our classic and number one selling Absinthe 35.

The Absinthe Classics was our best seller until 55 reached the consumer market dominating it. Classic is still preferred for our bigger trade market. We have once-and-for-all killed the myth that Absinthe distilled with herbs in a pot tastes better than when using our essence flavorings.
Essence is definitely best!

Minimum alcohol strength = 45%
Recommended alcohol strength = 55% +

Strong alcohol is necessary for the herb oils to fully dissolve.

Absinthe Classic makes one 750ml bottle (US 25 floz) of Absinthe - mix with 60-70% (120-140 proof) vodka or Everclear. You can use 40-50% vodka (80-100 proof) but stronger alcohol content is preferred and less than 45% by volume (90 proof) is definitely not recommended. Color is green.

The taste is strong and powerful and the wormwood, fennel, aniseed and star aniseed are the strongest of the flavors in this very well balanced classic Absinth. Thujone content is 35mg in 750ml absinthe alcohol. This is Real Absinthe.

How to make absinthe alcohol:
1) Pour our Absinthe Essence into a 75 cl (US 25 fl oz) bottle.
2) Add 75 grams (2.5 oz) granulated sugar.
(Optional, as our Classic Absinthe will also taste great without any sugar)
3) Fill the bottle with 3/4 vodka and shake to mix (until the sugar has dissolved, if sugar is added).
4) Top up the bottle and continue to shake until the contents have fully blended.

These Absinthe louche beautifully and have an outstanding taste.

The natural flavors and oils used in this essence - and all our Absinthe essences - have the highest quality in the world. We use carbon dioxide distillation and other high tech methods that are far superior to simply mixing herbs and alcohol followed by distillation. But this is not true for other manufacturers...

Traditional manufacture involves boiling ingredients in pot stills (boiling vessels) at high temperatures and for many hours. This destroys some of the finest flavors and many of the "wanted" oils get left in the boiling vessel. Add to this the fact that other manufacturers cannot obtain the highest quality herbs (they are already purchased by the flavor or herb oil industry and not widely available), and you don't get perfect absinthe.

Try our Absinthe Classics and you will taste the difference for yourself.

Many years ago we too made our Absinthe essence by traditional distillation – a type of concentrated absinthe that was made with the “classical distillation method” (which involved soaking herbs in ethanol for 2 weeks and then distilling). Those days are long gone.

Our Absinthe essence today is much more advanced. Each part is made separately by the best suppliers and contract producers (for example carbon dioxide distillation). This is then combined by us using only the purest oils from world leading producers. Our unique techniques give a taste much, much better than any other method available on the market today.

Absinthe recipe: mix 20ml absinthe 35 essence and 730 ml neutral alcohol together, (for example, use vodka or Everclear). For a smoother Absinthe 35, also add 50-75 grams sugar.

If you want to create your own vintage absinthe green fairy, you can make a free personalized absinthe label at freelabelmaker.com.

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Customer Reviews:

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by eric fairfax
Date Added: 01/16/2009
ok...this is my final recipe...i feel i have perfected the classic essence....for 1 bottle of essence: 1.75 cups of everclear 1.75 cups of vodka 1 bottle of essence.........mix and enjoy...NO SUGAR!!!! it is not needed.....add sugar cube to an absinthe spoon and drip water over the cube if you wanna sweeten the deal.... my ultimate recipe...or...my preferred recipe is" 1 litre everclear 2 bottles of classic essence.....whew!!! you will see the fairy in 4 drinks!!! i prefer the french louching method...usually 2 shots in a pontarliere glass and drip cold water into the glass until it is filled.....4 of those and....BAM!!! emeril legasse ain't got nothing on you!!! lol enjoy!!! i think that this site should make me the spokesperson of this site here in America!! i buy essences almost twice a month!!!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by eric fairfax
Date Added: 11/29/2008
ok...let me start by saying that i am a true absinthian enthusiast with about 20 different brands of absinthe purchased and sampled...incuding a few pre-ban samples. in making this, i would suggest a recipe of: 2 cups- 80 proof vodka, 1.5 cups everclear, 1 cup corn syrup or honey.....i would also suggest allowing it to settle for at least 24 hours before drinking (after blending, of course). this is a wonderful absinthe. and yes...IT IS ABSINTHE...TRUE ABSINTHE!!! the louche is wonderful and a neat shot is smooth...not as smooth as the white....but it is pretty good. i think the only difference i would make is to add 2 bottles of essence per 750ml...but that is my personal opinion....the taste is almost identicle to the french La Muse...very floral....very herbal....smells wonderful. i will say that i was a sceptic at first as i have brewed the Green Devil absinthe numerous times and was absolutely appaled at the outcome....but this is simple, accurate, and authentic!! i give it 4 stars only because i enjoy the 55 strong a little more and the white is absolutely the best of the four by leaps and bounds. but, i would never discount this classic essence. it is well orth the money! i can make 4- 750ml bottles for about the same amount of money as a bottle of 1 litre Kubler. Bravo!!!

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars [4 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)


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