Natural Absinthe Kits & Essences - Works fast, tastes great!

Experience the finest Original Prestige Absinthe essence from Gert Strand
- used by liquor industries all over the world.

We proudly present a new taste sensation for those who love quality, with a feeling so satisfying it will tingle your soul. is the only store where you will find new Absinthe Kits never seen or tasted before.

Now you have the chance to make your own fully flavored, natural Absinthe. There is no need to pay $100-$160 USD for a ready made Absinthe bottle – it may even contain the same absinthe essence that you can get right here from AbsintheKit! What should I do?
• Take Absinthe Essence
• Mix with Vodka (or any other neutral spirit)

You have created your own perfectly natural Absinthe.

All Absinthe orders are paid Online by Credit Card - VISA or MasterCard through Swedish Pay&Read.
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