Absinthe Kits

Each kit contains one bottle of 280ml essence (9.5 fl. oz., UK fl. oz 9.9), a ml measure and 14 adhesive Absinthe labels. The Absinthe Kits, with the prestige absinthe essence, is sufficient to make 14 bottles of 750 ml (25 fl. oz UK fl. oz 26.4) Absinthe alcohol. The Absinthe labels are used on your serving bottles and are designed by great artists. There are different labels for different types of Absinthe.

How to make Absinthe? To make one 750ml (25 fl. oz UK fl. oz 26.4) Absinthe, you only use 20 ml of essence (0.68 fl.oz., UK fl. oz 0.7). A handy plastic measure is enclosed with the absinthe kit.

Please follow the instructions and do not alter the dosage of essence. Following our absinthe recipe will produce a great absinthe liquor with thujone content of 35mg in 750ml Absinthe, or 55mg for Absinthe 55, the worlds strongest Absinthe. Remember, this is the same essence that we supply to the Absinthe industry, simply packed in a consumer/bar size.