Red Dragon Absinthe + 14 Labels

Red Dragon Absinthe 280ml, contains 35mg thujones when mixing 20ml essence with 730 ml vodka.

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Red Dragon Absinthe + 14 Labels
Red Dragon Absinthe + 14 Labels

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    Red Dragon Absinthe 280ml, contains 35mg thujones when mixing 20ml essence with 730 ml vodka.

    Minimum alcohol strength = 50%
    Recommended alcohol strength = 55% +

    Strong alcohol is necessary for the herb oils to fully dissolve.

    Red Dragon Absinthe contains all main ingredients of Absinthe - aniseed, star anise oils and wormwood oil - with a whole new taste and experience reflecting its beautiful red flame colour. Mixed with powerful natural herbs and herb oils makes Red Dragon Absinthe a very satisfying Absinthe experience and opens up possibilities for a whole new level of enjoyment to both new and existing Absinthe drinkers.

    Red Dragon Absinthe louches as wonderful as all our other Absinthes. This is a new age Absinthe very different from other Absinthes on the market today. No other drink in the world comes even close of tasting similar to the Red Dragon. Our Absinthe line of essences have greatly surpassed what is known as essence flavour. By using only natural ingredients like those found in "Real Absinthe", we knew that alcohol reacts differently to oils from the Absinthe essence, absorbing them for a very long time. That is why we recommend a minimum of 50% alcohol. Using weaker alcohol could make the oils and herbs insoluble.

    The real beauty with natural oils is the blending process. When mixing Absinthe at first we recommend leaving it for a few hours in room temperature to blend with the alcohol. The oils are so strong that if you leave a bottle (mixed with alcohol and Absinthe essence) for several year they will still be in the process of blending, maturing and producing an even more enjoyable drink. Our experience shows that Absinthe stored for approx. 2 months is able to produce a more sweet taste without the need of adding sugar.

    A 20 ml measure and 14 Red Dragon Absinthe labels are included.

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