Absinthe Cocktails The Art of Mixology Theater

Absinthe is both highly sought after and somewhat feared; long associated with the occult, temperance-era myths, Edgar Degas’ paintings depicting it and Hemingway writing about it are but three such associations; its ban was only lifted in 2007. But its revival has begun thanks to quality brands such as Pernod, Vieux Pontarlier and Marilyn Manson’s own brand (he even has an absinthe drink named for him!).

Absinthe is perhaps one of the most versatile spirits out there, used not only in classic cocktails such as Corpse Reviver and Sazerac but also found in drinks calling for just a mist or splash of absinthe. Additionally, absinthe features heavily among many of this winter’s trendiest frozen and slushy cocktails.

Absinthe can be intimidating at first glance, but its preparation and consumption is easy! While absinthe has caused much controversy due to thujone found in wormwood believed to cause mind-altering events, later tests in the 1970s demonstrated that very little thujone remains after distillation process and drinking excessive quantities is no more dangerous than drinking any other alcohol beverage.

If you want to give absinthe a try for yourself, we suggest beginning with one of these recipes. When enjoying absinthe, be mindful to drink in moderation (as with any alcohol beverage). Rinsing your glass before each sip may also help minimize any burn or bitterness caused by drinking directly from a bottle.