Absinthe The Green Fairys Nightfall Rituals

Absinthe: The Green Fairy’s Nightfall Rituals

Don’t believe what you hear about absinthe – it is more than just for partying or sipping in bars! While absinthe is traditionally associated with hallucinogenic experiences, its many other uses can include adding fresh herbal notes with an aura of mystery to cocktails as an ingredient or splashed directly over them for extra flair! Many recipes call for absinthe as either an additive, garnish or just one splash added right at the end for extra flair!

Absinthe is an alcoholic spirit composed of herbs such as grande wormwood, green anise, sweet fennel and coriander seed that is traditionally distilled twice to produce an alcohol base that is clear (like gin). After maceration (steeping like tea) of remaining ingredients in alcohol for several days and boiling off to leave behind beautiful green chlorophyll-colored chlorophyll coloring the final product which usually ranges between 45-88% alcohol by volume.

Wormwood, an essential ingredient of absinthe, contains chemicals which may produce hallucinogenic effects when consumed in high doses, leading to its ban in France. But modern absinthe contains far too little thujone for any psychoactive effects or toxification in humans; its concentration has now become too low to cause such issues.

Absinthe has long been revered for its ritualized service. A traditional preparation requires an absinthe fountain, an absinthe spoon and glass. Once inside the glass, ice and water dilute it further before pouring slowly into your glass with spirit being carefully added in stages for enjoyment of its green hue and herbal flavours.