The Absinthe Tasting Experience

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience that combines photography, culture, and absinthe tasting! Don’t miss this unforgettable journey!

Absinthe can be an intimidating spirit for newcomers to its taste, yet with The Absinthe Tasting Experience all of that mystery has been removed by giving you full immersion in this art form.

Your expert guide will introduce four unique absinthes while teaching you about its history and science. You will also be taught the technique for drinking absinthe the traditional way using fountain, spoon, and glass; all taking place in a private environment. This way you can focus solely on discovering its subtleties!

To rate absinthe, use a rating system adapted from the University of California at Davis 20-Point Organoleptic Evaluation Scoring Guide for Wine. Scoring and comments help create an historical record of absinthe quality; more essential aspects, such as taste, should have greater weighting than less important criteria like appearance.

Good absinthe should have an enjoyable blend of bitterness, dryness and astringency along with an herbaceous character that does not overshadow it. Achieve this goal requires proper distilling techniques; otherwise it may produce scents like grass or spinach or remind one of over-cooked vegetables (especially potatoes) or worse yet resemble rotten cabbage; such traits could indicate poor distillation techniques and the addition of fractions from distillation runs (the tails). A good absinthe will boast an aromatic herbal bouquet as well as having rich green colors when added water for best results.